Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It is now my fifth day back in Brooklyn, and all is going well. Cable came today to hook up my Internet, and the rest of my things arrived via UPS. I will be hitting the job trail full fledged starting tomorrow. I have a number of leads so far, and hopefully one or two of them will come through. I have an interview tomorrow for one job that is just weekends. I would work from three pm Friday to noon on Sunday. That job alone constitutes a full-time job and comes with benefits. My plan is that I would then get a part time job during the week.

I have not seen my kids yet. I tried to call today but got no answer. Still Wondering is of the opinion that since I am taking these few initial days to get myself set up with a job, and other things I need to settle in that it is proof that I moved here for selfish reasons, and that I am acting in a self-destructive manner. What do people want me to do? What do they think would be a better route for me to take? Is getting a good job and becoming self-dependent a destructive behavior?

In any event, this is the course I have laid out for myself. It is the right one, and I will persevere.